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     This book is a drumming method created by Erik Hargrove who is the last in the prestigious lineage of drummers who performed and toured with the man who is responsible for creating the style of music called FUNK. . . Mr. James Brown. Erik also performed and toured with Bass Legend Bootsy Collins, and many others.

     Erik has been playing and teaching the drums for more than 40 years and with the experience he’s gained and lessons that he’s gathered, he was able to formulate a method to help drummers have better control.

     With this method you will learn how to gain better control of your drumming through a series of processes. This method is a tool to be used in conjunction with all your relevant practice regimens.

     Erik’s new drumming method focuses on the brain and muscle relationship in way that very quickly develops “good habits” to get the most out of your practice. One of the great features with Erik’s method is that you use everything you already know.
There’s no need to learn any new or complicated patterns.


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